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You have a plan, and we have ideas. Combine these two, and you can be certain your online presence will be a success.

Web Design & Development


Your website should be unique. Cotter Interactive crafts each site from scratch using the latest design standards. We'll make your site look good on desktops and mobile devices alike.


Your website is, well, yours, so it should be built to fit your needs. Cotter Interactive can extend our robust system to handle anything you throw at it.

ExpressionEngine Experts

Adding content to your site should become a second-nature task for you. Using the flexible system ExpressionEngine, the interface you use to manage your content is setup specifically for your site.

Editing and managing content should be easy to keep track of. ExpressionEngine isn't just another content management system, it is the system for allowing flexibility and ease of use.

Your website shouldn't mold to management system, the management system should mold to your site. And that's exactly what ExpressionEngine allows us to setup for you.

e-Commerce Implementers

Selling goods online is starting to become a requirement for any merchant. Cotter Interactive can ensure your customers are treated to a great online shopping experience.

  • Support for the top Payment Gateways.
  • An easy to manage control panel.
  • Allowing customers to accomplish their primary goal, fast: purchasing your goods.
  • A store that won't compromise the design of your site.

Media Monsters

Top off your fancy new website with the use of multimedia. Connect with your customers on a brand new level by means of audio and video. In fact, why should we tell you about our media work in text? Take a look.

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