As a Company

Cotter Interactive has one goal: making you successful by means of an awesome online presence. Forming connections with your audience via the internet is one of the strongest things you as a business owner can do. Cotter Interactive has over seven years of experience crafting solutions for any type of business. Based out Silver Spring, Maryland, Cotter Interactive has worked with many small business owners locally and abroad to build an online presence that fits their business.

Networking and education are key to being relevant in this industry. We've done just that in our attendance at many world-renown conferences. Having connected with many designers, developers, and other web professionals, we're confident we can build a solution that fits your needs, on any scale.

Kyle Cotter

Kyle would be the snazzy guy you see on the right. He loves caffeine, photography, long walks on the beach and, wait, I don't think this is the place for that kind of "bio about Kyle". Back to the relevant bits, then.

Kyle first developed an interest in the web industry at the age of 12 where he helped his school manage their website. Ever since then he's been enamored with the web. Fueled by caffeine and Two Door Cinema Club, Kyle keeps Cotter Interactive afloat and making awesome.

He lives, sleeps, and eats the web. With experience in project management, customer service, media production and more, Kyle is versatile in many different areas of the web industry.

Some of the finer points about Kyle:

  • Has at least one Apple device on him at all time, though it's normally more.
  • Was co-host of the Required Listening Podcast.
  • Consumes a minimum of 5 cups of coffee per day.
  • Enjoys Photoshopping for comical purposes. Related, this site is full of easter eggs.
  • Has spoken at various meetups and conferences.
  • Overall a swell guy, or so he hopes.
Kyle Cotter You won't like me when I'm angry.

In the Community

Building community

Kyle and Cotter Interactive have always been active in the community. From organizing to speaking to sponsoring various events, being a part of the community is important. Cotter Interactive has organized four successful conferences, spoken at five different events, and can work Keynote rather effectively.

  • The Student Web Conference was our first venture into community building. Having organized this conference three consecutive years, we helped promote the web industry to students.
  • We're active in the DC and Maryland area web communies.